Swedish researchers create ‘an impossible material’ by mistake

Swedish researchers create ‘an impossible material’ by mistake



The Feminist Movement in the Gaming Community

Delaware Nerd

Lots more online outrage this week, and while there are a lot of issues I’d like to talk about, the Feminist movement in the gaming community has been on my mind for awhile now. This is a very divisive issue in both the video gaming and table top communities, and I wanted to discuss a few mistakes I see being made in the Feminists’ efforts to change things for the better.

Before jumping in let’s discuss general argument technique for a moment. I subscribe heavily to the methodology of Dale Carnegie, the writer of “How to Win Friends and Influence People. He touches on a number of points throughout his book, attempting to teach the reader how to achieve their goals by winning people over to their way of thinking. Chiefly amongst the techniques he teaches is this: YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS BY WINNING AN ARGUMENT

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Why You Should Be Worried About the NSA Scandal

Delaware Nerd

Most of you by now have heard that a “whistleblower” by the name of Edward Snowden has leaked a variety of documents detailing that the NSA has direct access to information held by companies like AT&T and Verizon regarding citizen’s phone records, as well as the electronic data held by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, etc. To read a detailed account of the most recent development you can check out NSA Leak Catch-Up: The Latest on the Edward Snowden Fallout.

This isn’t really a surprise to most of the folks that opposed the Patriot Act years ago. In fact, if anything it’s a confirmation that we are not all tin foil hat wearing loonies that think the government is out to get us. Think it was crazy to think Big Brother was watching? Guess what? He was! Anyway, the responses to this information leaking have ranged from outrage, to disinterest, to…

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Rains of Castamere – Game of Thrones Cover by Malukah

Though The outrage for sundays Game of Thrones episode is very evident via youtube, and pretty much every other form of media imaginable, I for one really enjoyed the episode. Yea, Some crazy things went down, but you know what, we need it. I love the fact that I had no idea what was going to happen. I love the fact that what happened was not something I could of even imagined. Bravo Mr. Martin! To celebrate, I give you a cover of Rains of Castamere by Malukah, One of my favorite youtube artists!